Post-workout Energy Bar and Protein Truffles (Disguised as Holiday Treats)

I am really into spinning classes lately. I am about three years late on this trend (quite understandably since I would like to assume I am someone who does not like to follow them) but I wish I had gotten into it earlier. I have blogged and bragged numerously about my love for exercise and … Continue reading Post-workout Energy Bar and Protein Truffles (Disguised as Holiday Treats)


New Year Fortune Cookies

Happy New Year! 2015 has been a wonderful year, just like the one (s) before it. I constantly pray, so on this one night I don't make resolutions to break or keep. I trust my fate is best dealt with in God's hand. But, if I were to make one resolution, I pray that God grants … Continue reading New Year Fortune Cookies

Holiday Cookies

I am in a very serious stage with my research paper with submission date closely creeping around the corner. But I am enjoying every bit of this process, and all its forms of self-doubt. It’s somehow liberating, really.:) Once I grabbed hold of a solid routine, I began using my breaks for things that I enjoyed doing (like … Continue reading Holiday Cookies