Gingerbread Christmas Cookies

It's been awhile since I've blogged- as usual. I get into a swirling habit of allowing life take control. I recently celebrated my 29th birthday, and it was a memorable day. I happen to find that the more I flow through the river, the quieter my arrival to stillness and calm becomes to be. That … Continue reading Gingerbread Christmas Cookies


Pinwheel Chocolate and Vanilla Cookies

I must have written this a while back, and I just came across it now. Plato once famously said: "At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet". A poet or not, I am content with the thought that only I know what I meant when I wrote this then. I heard stories of plenty smiles. Of … Continue reading Pinwheel Chocolate and Vanilla Cookies

Holiday Cookies

I am in a very serious stage with my research paper with submission date closely creeping around the corner. But I am enjoying every bit of this process, and all its forms of self-doubt. It’s somehow liberating, really.:) Once I grabbed hold of a solid routine, I began using my breaks for things that I enjoyed doing (like … Continue reading Holiday Cookies