Brunch (a baked French toast recipe inside)

(Scroll down for the recipe) Horseback riding was a hobby I threw myself into when I was 19. I can’t recall what got me into it, except, oh yes I remember; it was after the 2004 Sochi Olympic Games where I followed Sasha Cohen religiously as she strode on ice and didn’t land her triple-axel … Continue reading Brunch (a baked French toast recipe inside)


Peanut butter chocolate bites (KETO Fat Bombs)

I have been on KETO for about a month now, despite being bedridden for almost a week and a half (with complete loss of appetite). I have felt great the first two weeks, seeing steady results of about a pound lost per week (not as much as I thought it might yield but a healthy … Continue reading Peanut butter chocolate bites (KETO Fat Bombs)

Bread Cones

Once I saw this on Pinterest, I immediately pre-heated my oven. I love creative recipes...and bread. So, it was no surprise I had to try it! What I love most about this recipe (besides the arts & craft that goes into making the cones) is that it is quite simple, and yet simply delicious. This recipe can … Continue reading Bread Cones

Roast Chicken

I've finished my research paper!!! It feels liberating, refreshing, and quite scary all at the same time. I've immensely enjoyed my research experience, though it undoubtedly came with a few bumps (as naturally any vigorous thesis-writing experience entails) you're always an amateur right until after you've finished and submitted a 130 page research. Key word: after. You never … Continue reading Roast Chicken