Brunch (a baked French toast recipe inside)

(Scroll down for the recipe) Horseback riding was a hobby I threw myself into when I was 19. I can’t recall what got me into it, except, oh yes I remember; it was after the 2004 Sochi Olympic Games where I followed Sasha Cohen religiously as she strode on ice and didn’t land her triple-axel … Continue reading Brunch (a baked French toast recipe inside)


Getting ready for 2018

I have had such a busy month that barely resembled past months. With taking cookie and cake orders, spending time with my beautiful niece, gathering with friends, and teaching weekdays and weekends, I found myself on a merry-go-round a couple of times with my hand stretching out to the pause button and not finding it. … Continue reading Getting ready for 2018

Some of the Best Thanksgiving Starters (& side dishes)

When thanksgiving comes around, my mothers' eyes are like fireflies: she exceeds her cooking and baking abilities almost each time. Naturally, I never participate because the woman glows in the kitchen. But this time, I decided to blaze the trail, creating my own path, in a less obvious way, and in a more unconventional place: … Continue reading Some of the Best Thanksgiving Starters (& side dishes)

Canada: My Story

I began this blog one late afternoon. What was most compelling about that afternoon was not my engagement in a book or another, but rather, my keen and fixed interest on my television set as I sat there watching Julie and Julia. I had just received my acceptance letter to the Applied-Linguistics masters’ program I … Continue reading Canada: My Story