Chicken Noodle Soup

I am worried that I am falling prey to the influence of a hideous stomach flu that seems to come and go every so often. I understand the dangers of the flu season, and with some of the precautions I at times take to avoid it, catching a bug like I did three days ago … Continue reading Chicken Noodle Soup


One minute Keto chocolate cake

One minute chocolate cake? No you’re right, I lied. It’s one minute and 30 second. And the results? Something one could frame an entire hypothesis around. So I am starting my Keto diet again (did it for a month and a half and then snow, and a lack of sun hit my subtly irritable mood … Continue reading One minute Keto chocolate cake

The Science of Baking a Great Cookie (with a great butter cookie recipe)

What's the difference between a sugar cookie, a butter cookie, and a shortbread cookie? And what are the tips and tricks to achieving the results of a great looking & tasting cookie? Luckily, all my surrounding stores are closed this morning and I have the time and resources to search for the answers of these … Continue reading The Science of Baking a Great Cookie (with a great butter cookie recipe)

Getting ready for 2018

I have had such a busy month that barely resembled past months. With taking cookie and cake orders, spending time with my beautiful niece, gathering with friends, and teaching weekdays and weekends, I found myself on a merry-go-round a couple of times with my hand stretching out to the pause button and not finding it. … Continue reading Getting ready for 2018