A Crowd-Pleasing Chocolate Cake (Truly, truly)

From all the recipes I have blogged, and without meaning to deter the value of any, this chocolate cake recipe is truly the winner. It’s a wonderful feeling to know you have a recipe that pleases all (or at least avids’ of chocolate cake). I have baked this cake about six times so far and … Continue reading A Crowd-Pleasing Chocolate Cake (Truly, truly)


Butter Rose Cookies

I found this recipe last night while I was taking a break from my research paper and randomly filtering through Pinterest's baking posts (which could be really addicting): I came across these beautiful rose cookies. After I made them, I was blown away by how easy the process was, yielding such delicious (buttery, crumbly, tasty) cookies. I … Continue reading Butter Rose Cookies

Croquembouche Cone

This morning was a beautiful morning. It's incredibly frightening to experience 8 degree weather on December 25th, but with that in mind, I could not pass up the crisp, yet warm breeze I received from a very transparent sun. I opened my bedroom door that faced my backyard, and I pulled up a chair with a coffee in … Continue reading Croquembouche Cone