Low-fat Cranberry & Pistachio Biscotti

A great time with great food is what a dough hook is to a stand mixer: necessary. This sums up the last couple of days for me. We had a great event come to Ottawa last Friday- RedBull's Crashed Ice - that seemed to be primarily hosted by Fairmont Chateau Laurier (only one of the most exquisite hotels … Continue reading Low-fat Cranberry & Pistachio Biscotti


Croquembouche Cone

This morning was a beautiful morning. It's incredibly frightening to experience 8 degree weather on December 25th, but with that in mind, I could not pass up the crisp, yet warm breeze I received from a very transparent sun. I opened my bedroom door that faced my backyard, and I pulled up a chair with a coffee in … Continue reading Croquembouche Cone

Holiday Cookies

I am in a very serious stage with my research paper with submission date closely creeping around the corner. But I am enjoying every bit of this process, and all its forms of self-doubt. It’s somehow liberating, really.:) Once I grabbed hold of a solid routine, I began using my breaks for things that I enjoyed doing (like … Continue reading Holiday Cookies