Website Launch

I have officially launched my website!

I began this baking journey, on a more professional stream, from this blog that I started four years ago. I have grown fond of creating customized cookies and cakes for family and friends, and I have been incredibly supported and motivated by people surrounding me to take this to the next step- to which I did.

I must owe it all to my mother who, growing up, I observed silently, and very judgementally. I blogged previously about the days and nights I stood as a teenager at the corner of the kitchen questioning my mom’s dedication to cakes and desserts, with sayings like, “is it worth putting so much effort on creating sugar flowers?”. I never understood the passion infused in creating desserts that required attentiveness, focus, and a whole lot of dedication- with the result of work certainly reemphasized through this process of work.

I understand it now.

I have come to comprehend where my curiosity for cooking and baking stems from; after all, I do exhibit awfully similar behavior traits as my mother when she stood many years ago to decorate cookies and cakes, among others.  And I do think it is slightly innate. I never pictured myself standing and decorating a cake, not even six or seven years ago. Now, not only am I creating them, very fondly, but I am also selling them.

Awfully surreal; yet incredibly thrilling.

I truly believe that nothing great is accomplished without genuinity. It is the basis of all accomplishments.

And with that I leave you with a link of my website… finally a face to my years of anonymity.



  1. Congratulations. All the best in your blogging and baking endeavours.

    1. Thank you very much! Much appreciated!

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