One minute Keto chocolate cake

One minute chocolate cake? No you’re right, I lied. It’s one minute and 30 second. And the results? Something one could frame an entire hypothesis around.

So I am starting my Keto diet again (did it for a month and a half and then snow, and a lack of sun hit my subtly irritable mood making me in need of carbs). Keto worked wonderfully well that I knew no matter what type of carb I sank my teeth into, I would ultimately be able to fall back on this diet (a dangerous mind-set to get into, though, and it does come with side-effects: like not maintaining that will-power, and continuously failing!)… but I’ll wager. I always do.

Oh, and another thing, about 90 percent of “Keto” recipes pulled from google or Pinterest, that I have tried, have failed. This proved to be a bit of a challenge on my thin nerves! But just as the sun sets and dawn departs, I continue to try.

This recipe was quite delicious and satisfied my heightened chocolate cravings that come to me in intervals! Everyone almost has all the ingredients stored away, and it takes less than 3 minutes to whip up. I won’t make a statement such as this if I didn’t back it up: it’s great.

I love the convenience of picture recipes!