A Cake Gallery

So I am currently blogging from a coffee shop patio where the sun is shinning through and my books are open at a hopeful attempt of reviewing some important teaching material. A thought crosses, as all thoughts do: unexpected, gushing, ill-timed.

I would like to bake cakes for practice, and I would like to donate them to someone who isn’t expecting much (but a great tasting cake). In other words, who can I practice my cakes on?

I certaintly don’t want the calories; god knows. But I do thoroughly enjoy the practice of baking and designing cakes. I’ve mastered (yes, I can say that) one chocolate cake recipe, and I’ve gotten close to a great vanilla one (go and read my debate on that recipe).

As a new, amateaur, novice, and all the adjectives collected in describing a beginner with no formal culinary training, I find working with fondant both exciting and a little thrilling— with occasional cracks, and ps.,why is that?

I am surprised that I even find this ordeal enjoyable because as you can see from my previous blogging history, only the last few ones are indicative of any cake-baking fun…and I’ve had it immensely ..the fun!

The secret, I reckon, is my low expectation coupled with my low cake-baking self-esteem that seem to have come together to work magic. So it’s all fun, you know?

To loop back to my initial thought, I am wondering if I can donate some cake baking time to a local charity? Anyone know of anything like this in Ottawa, Canada?

Here is a gallery of all the cakes I’ve baked in the last couple of months!