Roast Chicken

I’ve finished my research paper!!! It feels liberating, refreshing, and quite scary all at the same time. I’ve immensely enjoyed my research experience, though it undoubtedly came with a few bumps (as naturally any vigorous thesis-writing experience entails) you’re always an amateur right until after you’ve finished and submitted a 130 page research. Key word: after. You never master it, really. I guess that is what’s exhilarating: the thrill of continuous learning, growing, and failing. One of the best things that tests your patience, health (physical and emotional), and self-esteem is, well, of the many options available, research. Yet I had never felt academically fulfilled as I was while writing it. It made me want to explore more academic options; perhaps apply for a research assistant position? or a PhD? I am not sure, but I am sure that this won’t be the last of my research writing days; I anticipate to be fully submitted into this field, one way or another.

On a different note, I made my first chicken roast yesterday. I cheated a little and used those pre-packaged spice bags, where you just rub the spices on the chicken and throw the whole chicken in the bag, tie it, and put in the oven. It was SO easy, SO delicious, and I put it in and went and did my DVD workout for 55 min. Came back to it and devoured it. Delicious 😀






  1. Roast chicken is always a good choice; juicy and tender!

  2. Linda says:

    Congrats! Must be a relief – good luck with whatever you decide to do now! 🙂 Tasty looking chicken!

    1. Going through my messages, I must have missed this. Thank you, Linda, for the comment:) It is definitely times I do miss the chaos of it, and at other times, I am kind of relieved of that same chaos. A bit of yin and yang you can say 🙂

  3. That chicken looks amazing!!

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