Homemade ‘gourmet’ Chocolate: Caramel + Macadamia

I made these caramel and macadamia filled chocolates for my fiancé (9 months engaged, going on 5 years together). I was tempted to insert rows and rows of poetry in front of the word ‘fiancé’ because somehow just labeling him as my fiancé and moving on seems absolutely unjust to the type of man he is. But, what is concealed in the heart must be more telling of the truth than the truth itself..right?


Time to make: 30 minutes

(BEST) Caramel filling: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/classic-caramel-sauce-51204230


1 cup of tempering chocolate (or melting chocolate/baking chocolate/etc) over a pot filled with 1/3 c of water with another glass mug on top (see picture below; my words fail me).

Moulding trays for the chocolate

I filled the moulding trays with chocolate and put the macadamia nuts in the middle, then inserted them into the freezer for about 30 minutes.

For the caramel chocolates, I first coated the moulds with chocolate, froze them for about 10 minutes, then took them out, filled them with caramel, coated them with chocolate again then froze them until they were done,

Lessons Learned: I wish I used better quality chocolate. Mine were semi-bitter sweet.

IMG_4808 copy

Melting chocolate. Use a pot over heat and make sure the glass bowl does not touch the bottom of the pot (fill the pot with 1/3 c of water) on medium heat.