Moroccan Cauliflower Couscous with Lamb and Yogurt Sauce

I LOVE watching cooking shows and food documentaries. I am currently watching Masterchef Australia (when Masterchef Canada isn’t on). I love this competitive show because I learn so many cooking techniques from it, and I get inspired to try some of the recipes.

I actually did not know that you can make cauliflower that tastes and looks like couscous. I typically don’t like couscous (not sure why; causes me headaches when consumed :)). So, I loved this idea when I saw one of the contestants make it. I also love the Middle Eastern inspiration of it and why not cook a lamb dish, tonight, right?

I really loved the cauliflower couscous!! It tasted so so delicious! I really loved this dish because the flavours and combination of pistachio and sesame seeds just worked wonderfully with the lamb. I learned that I can add pistachio to my savoury dishes, who knew.


Time to make: about 1 hour


Lessons learned: I roasted the cauliflower because my oven is currently down. I roasted them on a hot roasting pan (stove-top) and I let them cook covered with foil for about 30 minutes. They tasted unbelievably great after, so, I would try it this way, why not? Other than that, I followed the recipe to the T. However, I did not use olive oil, instead, cooking spray (less calories). I also used organic fat-free yogurt and it still tasted delicious. I added lemon juice and salt to my yogurt sauce. This is simple, delicious, and easy to make.







  1. Lina says:

    Amazing recipe!

    1. Thank you! It really was. I knew I wanted to try it as soon as I saw the contestant cook it.

      1. Lina says:

        That’s really nice:)

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