Authentic Indian Samosas (but with a healthy twist)

I love Indian food! My fiancé and I order Indian food all the time (OK, not all the time :))- but whenever we do order Indian food (especially from descent Indian restaurants), it’s usually a heightened, enjoyable experience. I am not sure why ordering food with a loved one is a heightened enjoyable experience, but it just is (or at least it is just with him). I love vegetarian samosas and I remember searching for a great recipe about eight months ago when I found this great Indian chef with a video on YouTube (2+ million views now). I LOVED HIS RECIPE. It was the most delicious and simple recipe, ever. I loved the simplicity of making the dough. However, the clarified butter in the recipe (which at that time I had to google the meaning of) is probably the main ingredient that truly takes this recipe up three notches, not just one.

But with my clean eating and continuous exercise, I have been adapting recipes and altering them to really suit my healthy lifestyle. I also don’t crave ‘junk’ food anymore, or fried foods. I think once you get a momentum going and you become interested in certain products and you begin to understand the meaning of choosing healthier ingredients and making them work, it really becomes a lifestyle. I have so far enjoyed all of the foods I love eating by reducing the calories and fat intake by roughly 75%. So, it’s no doubt that I happened to do the same here.

I will post the video of the recipe. However, I will mention my changes in “Lessons Learned” under. Overall results? Fantastic. I preserved the taste: this yummy, Indian flavours came through right in the first bite. But, I did change the concept of a traditional fried samosa to a more side dish style (I apologize to this wonderful culture). I should mention that my oven is currently not working (in the process of getting fixed), so I could have instead oven-baked my samosas and I am sure they would have turned out perfect, too. Nonetheless, this way was still delicious.

So delicious!
So delicious!

Time to make: 40 minutes

Recipe: see YouTube video.

Lessons Learned: I changed a couple of things to make this recipe healthier. Please note that I kept the ratio as is in the recipe.


  • Instead of clarified butter, I used 2 tablespoons of olive oil and mixed it with water to make a total of 4 tablespoons to add to the refined flour.
  • My dough came out a little softer than what the chef asks for, but that was great enough since I was going to cook them on the pan (stove) instead.


  • I heated my pan until it was nice and hot, then I reduced my heat on low, then added the dough (after I made them into round shapes, exactly like the video when he rolled them on the counter).
  • I put them in the pan and monitored them. I then kept raising the temperature (medium, then high) until they cooked. Then I flipped them; same on the other side.


  • I did not use clarified butter to coat my pan. I used cooking spray and a little of it, too.
  • Since clarified butter gives the recipe more taste, keep checking to make sure your filling is seasoned enough. I found that I had to keep adding more spices and salt (especially towards the end when the green beans were added).
  • I served my filling in a side dish, instead of filling the dough with it and frying it.




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    Great healthy treat!

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