The Addictive (Super Healthy) Pancakes

I am not exaggerating when I say that I am extremely addicted to these pancakes. I have always loved pancakes, but when you’re eating healthy and exercising, it’s hard to think of pancakes as ‘healthy’. Maybe it’s just me. But before I discovered these pancakes, I used to leave eating pancakes only to my cheat days. Pancakes are seriously my comfort (breakfast) food and up until now, I am not sure why I didn’t discover these earlier (but happy I did, nonetheless) 😀

I was at Whole Foods one day and I decided to try this package of whole wheat pancakes. It asks you to add a cup of water, an egg (optional), and sugar (optional) to one cup of the flour mix. It makes about 5 pancakes. But its simplicity isn’t what attracted me to buy the product…it was the CALORIES. For three pancakes, the calorie count is 140 (for all three, not just one) and 1 grams of fat. Insane, right? And you’re probably thinking they taste O.K. But they really don’t. I can’t say when was the last time I had such moist, fluffy, tasty, flavourful, yummy pancakes. However, I will say how I make them ( because it’s a little different than what the recipe calls for).

Available at Whole Foods.

Available at Whole Foods.

I mix one cup of pancake mix with one cup of water (fewer calories than milk, though I tried both and I honestly preferred the water version, weird), two Splenda packets, half a teaspoon of vanilla extract, half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder, and sometimes I add Flax seed (a teaspoon; it doesn’t change the taste). I used to add one egg to the mix, as the recipe calls for it, but I stopped doing that because without the egg, the pancakes come out just as fluffy, even more. So, even fewer calories this way. I mix them all together and I make 5 perfectly round, perfectly sized pancakes. Because this is literally what I eat every morning for breakfast (and I should mention I’ve lost a significant amount of weight recently while eating this, so it’s super healthy) I package the rest of the pancakes in a container and I put them in my fridge. Every morning I take one or two out and I chop some fruits and I have them for breakfast….DELICIOUS, every time. I swear. 🙂

Very moist and fluffy!

Very moist and fluffy!


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