Healthy Chicken Burgers

I am so happy to be blogging again. The last time I was here I was cooking and baking all kinds of recipes, and truly loving every part of it. There’s something sweet and quite refreshing about mixing ingredients together and coming out with the final results. I came across an article, actually, just the other day, and they were talking about the therapeutic benefits of cooking in the kitchen, alone. I couldn’t agree more. I really love that feeling when you get completely immersed and focused on a recipe, wishing and praying and hoping that it will turn out great…and sometimes it doesn’t always. There’s that mystery to it, as well. Sometimes that $50 Whole Foods ingredient list and that one or two hours cooking feels completely useless at the end of the night. Or maybe it doesn’t. Maybe cooking teaches us a thing or two about life. I do enjoy the less successful recipes sometimes because it forces me to think up some changes and additions for next time…and I almost always try it again. But cooking in general fires a curiosity and passion for food in me in a way unimaginable, and I have just begun thinking about food in a different way. It’s interesting sometimes when I watch a T.V show, or I come across an article or whatnot that discusses the craze over organic, or vegan, or gluten-free food products, or whatever popularized healthy product that’s hot for that minute, and I start thinking deeply of the multi-billion dollar industry that is making money off of “eating clean”. I think mostly about what I ‘might be’ falling for when I visit the grocery store to feed my desire for a healthy lifestyle, and I question the authenticity of some products on the shelf. It has become easier to eat healthier now that healthier products have made and kept their way on the shelves of many food stores. There has been a debate about food companies taking advantage of that health craze and profiting on food items that are less ‘organic’ than we think. Anyhow, I guess what I am saying is that, I have just begun getting into that ‘organic, gluten-free’ lifestyle a bit myself, and I find that for the most part I really love the choices that are out there for me and I really do enjoy my trip to Whole Foods now and then (though not the bill; eating healthy is pricey :(). However, I just don’t want to be falling for something that is half-true. I don’t want to pay $8 for organic yogurt or $10 for a small box of gluten-free crackers if the companies are being dishonest about their products or if they are taking advantage of the popularity of these key words.

All in all, I guess what truly matters is the lifestyle you lead and nourishment you feed your body. In the past three months I have found a willpower in me that I couldn’t tap into before (and I am not sure where it came from, either). I began thinking seriously about making healthier food choices (though I have always had this mentality and I have always worked out) but lately I have been able to focus more and I guess that’s key. I have pooled all my knowledge on food that I have accumulated over years of researching so many odd things on Google and came up with a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Yes, I did need to be drastic and cut carbs out for an entire month (but only to lose those extra pounds). But I mean, once you find those results, and that balance, and ultimately your happiness when it comes to your health, you find a way to keep it as a lifestyle. I guess that’s what I am doing now, and it truly does become a lifestyle to keep when you feel so good about it (the benefits are insane). So, with that long post, I hope to be blogging more healthy recipes that I could benefit from and maybe someone out there could too. 🙂

I have been wanting to make healthy chicken burgers for soooo long. I have made healthy vegan burgers before (and loved them; maybe I’ll make them again and post pictures) but I have never grounded up my own chicken breast. It feels kind of powerful and liberating, to be honest. You get this privilege of making your own ground meat and you can do whatever you want with it. Sound silly, right? I know. But I can’t help how I feel about it :D. So, I tried this recipe.

Time to make: 35 Minutes


Lessons Learned: I have learned quite a bit with this one. First, I have to say that I always, always, ALWAYS read the reviews and comments left on recipes before I attempt to make them.. Because, well, I find they are 95% accurate (or 98%, that close). I am not sure why I did not read the reviews on this recipe. I guess it was the picture that blew me away, or distracted me. I could have benefited from the comments by adding or removing some things. However, my lesson learned for this recipe is that it needs more SALT. More SPICES. I would have added cumin, black pepper, some sweet chilli sauce, fresh-cut up parsley, a dash of hot sauce, and a hint of ground cinnamon. Of course, none of these are called in the recipe, but I just think it would have been much tastier if I had added those. It was quite flavorless. Mind you, the home-made tzatziki sauce does help a little and adds more taste, but a recipe that lacks salt in my opinion is just no good. I hate adding salt after…completely defeating the point initially. But I am sure next time it’s going to be much better. I did love the recipe for the tzatziki sauce, I have to say. I have never made my own tzatziki sauce before. So, thumbs up to that. 🙂

Grounding the chicken breast with oregano, garlic, salt, and a dash of pepper flakes.
Making of the tzatziki sauce
Lightly coat the pan with Canola Oil Spray  (healthier) and fry the burgers 4 minutes on each side.
Lightly coat the pan with Canola Oil Spray
(healthier) and fry the burgers 4 minutes on each side.