Best Beet Salad Ever.Ever.

I love beets! I love the way they look, the tint they leave, the color they turn the pot into, the taste, everything! I was searching for a great summer beets recipe and I came across one that is truly remarkable. It’s super easy and quick to make (except for the time you wait for the beets to boil- roughly around 40 minutes for mine). It’s so good that as soon after as I took the picture to blog it, my mother and I devoured the plate šŸ˜€




Time to make: After 20-40 minutes to boil the beets, 10 minutes


Lessons Learned: I did make slight adjustments to the recipe to make it even that much more healthier. The recipe called for 3 tbls of Maple Syrup, and because that can add more calories to a salad (than necessary, in my opinion) I added 1/4 of a teaspoon of Maple spread I had just to give the walnuts this nice sweet flavour. I also added a half a teaspoon of balsamic vinaigrette to the water while my beets were boiling. I remember Jamie Oliver once saying that you must always flavour your water because you don’t end up drinking that water, andĀ because the seasoningĀ flavour gets absorbedĀ into the food (saves you time of working harder to season the rest of the food later). So, I did just that. I also squeeze a fresh orange and got the juice from that, instead of using juice concentrate (healthier, easier, and I just likeĀ to think I am authentic that way :d). I also reduced the amount of olive oil in my dressing, and mixed two kinds of balsamic I had in my cupboard. I also like to think I am efficient that way…ha. You can add dried cranberries to the mix, of course that would be tasty, too. Or feta cheese instead of blue or goat cheese.

I love the way they look :D
I love the way they look šŸ˜€