Happy 1st Anniversary to my Blog!

I have been reminiscing over my wonderful ‘food’ blog that I created exactly a year ago in hopes of it getting me through grad school …and thankfully, it did. I can’t tell you what a beautiful feeling it is to start something (i.e., a blog) out of a pure, unprofessional passion for cooking and baking, only to realize that people actually cared for, read, and liked whatever I conjured up in those moments. It’s quite silly actually that, this blog idea was merely inspired by Julie Powell’s food blog, and because one summer night I was watching (my favourite) movie “Julie & Julia” when I received an acceptance email to my desired graduate program. I thought if cooking could get me through grad school (as I was terribly anxious about it), I would be simply satisfied, and happy and I knew I wanted nothing more.

Today, I am writing this blog with so much happiness; I could recall the time, day, season, and emotions that were involved in each post, and each meal, and every attempt at making something out of nothing. All were sweet, sweet, wonderful moments.

A year later, grad school is over and all the anxiety and stress of grad school melted away. I can’t tell you what a wonderful year it has been; yes, even through the tears and the worry, and the endless readings, and, and, and, etc…Everything new is a great challenge until it is overcome, then it becomes a sweet memory and on to the next.

What’s next? oh, a lot. But for the meantime, a thesis proposal. I guess I am not done after all, am I? 🙂

Photo Credit: http://joannawillis.wordpress.com
Photo Credit: http://joannawillis.wordpress.com