Low-fat, Low-carb, Protein pancakes….that actually taste good!

I haven’t posted since the holidays because school is back, and it is going GREAT! The new and final semester is finalizing just beautifully…I am actually finally starting to enjoy more, and worry less about grad school! ..Also, it is mainly because I am excited about so many things to come after this …Spring, to name one.

Crazy to say, but I decided a week ago to go on this low-carb diet just before Spring and Summer approach…and admits my semester ..yay :)..BUT, it actually is going very well. I am myself surprised. I got a gym membership (that comes with a pool) …so, it’s safe to say life is at its peak right now.

I do, however, get very bored from my diet food. There’s a handful of low-carb items that one can eat, and let me tell you, it’s not a lot. Finding this recipe was great…mainly because I hesitated for so long to make low-carb, low-fat recipes that didn’t taste like cardboard. I just didn’t think you can substitute so much, and get something tasting good.


Total Time: 10 minutes

Recipe: http://www.blogilates.com/blog/2011/04/24/low-carb-high-protein-pancakes/

Lessons Learned: I tend to make my own substitutions at times. It can be a hit or miss when I do this, and yet I take the chance. I would say add the banana’s to this recipe, because I didn’t. The banana’s give a sweet taste to the pancakes. I added one package of Splenda sweetener, but one wasn’t enough (but still good, because the low-fat syrup will make up for it). I didn’t use the vanilla protein powder, simply because I don’t have it or use it. So to substitute for the vanilla powder (because you’ll need a substitution so your pancakes aren’t just egg whites and cinnamon), I used 2 tbs of gluten-free flour, and I sprinkled just a little of vanilla extract because I figured ‘vanilla powder’ would give a ‘vanilla’ taste. Worked wonderfully! And I did use the flax seed…although I am not quite sure what they do to be honest 🙂

These tasted just like pancakes, no lie! I used a little of low-fat pancake syrup on the side, just to dip my pancakes in. I have no doubt that with the banana’s and vanilla powder they would turn out even that much better…with more added benefits (protein). Try them!