Banana Square Cake

There’s nothing like the scent of baked goods that fills every inch of your home with pure delight ..there is something to that, something very sweet and joyful. Now that I am off from school I can sit by the fire, and read a couple of chapters of Great Expectations while my mind thinks up recipes to Google later.

I had these three bananas that were getting darker and older by the day. Naturally, I thought I’d turn them into a recipe, one other than banana muffins or banana bread–and one that was particularly low-in-fat. Free time, cold nights and comfy food are the three musketeers of (terrible) indulgence. I guess it is OK to give in at times. Nonetheless, I try to cook and bake healthy foods, and, I really do believe that small substitutions make a huge difference in the long run. SO, I liked this recipe and figured I can adjust some things, slightly, but keep the same taste. It turned out PERFECT!!!

Total cook time: 30 minutes


Lessons Learned: Instead of white sugar, I put only 1 cup of Splenda brown sugar. And, instead of 1 cup of sour cream, I mixed half and half low-fat yogurt with sour cream (because I wanted to keep the taste, still). Also, I used Becel butter that is reduced in fat and calories, instead of regular butter. 🙂



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