French Macaroons

I AM DONE ALL MY RESEARCH PAPERS!!!! I really do feel like breaking into dance after such a long, long semester. But, I did something better, I made these beautiful french macaroons:) They came out tasting just perfect–crunchy on top, soft in the middle, great taste overall!


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I have to say, while I was researching recipes and watching some online videos, I was immensely discouraged with a lot of “you will fail the first time” and “it takes about three times for you to successfully make french macaroons” blah blah. While perhaps this ignited my ambition to get this recipe down, it is not THAT difficult, you can do it, honestly! All you need is focus, and patience for a lot of sifting. The sifting part took me about an hour because my almond flour was really thick. But, after much precision, you get beautiful results. I still can’t believe I made these! :)

Ps. I sort of did a considerable amount of (extra) homework beforehand because, like I said, I was greatly intimidated. There’s lots of YouTube videos available.

Total time to make: 2 hours (I took my sweet time to make sure everything was done right)

Total cook time: 20 minutes for each rack


Lessons Learned: I learned quite a bit for next time.

  1. I would rap the tray on my counter a couple more times than I did, so the air can be released. Failing to do this may result in your macaroons cracking while in the oven.
  2. If unsure if your macaroons have fully cooked, take the tray out, and test one macaroon to see if it completely comes off the sheet. If it doesn’t, put it back in for another 5-10 minutes.
  3. I would definitely practice making circles with my pipe because I completely failed at this. My macaroons came out in different shapes and sizes. You can draw a perfect circle on your non-stick baking paper with a pencil, which I might just do for next time.
  4. As much as I tried to get rid of that point that my pipe made, my macaroons still came out not round and smooth. You can dip your finger in water to get rid of that.
  5. Ps. don’t worry, your egg whites and sugar will foam. Just wait it out.

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  1. Deena Kakaya says:

    They look incredible x

  2. The Editor says:

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  3. mydearbakes says:

    This is such a delightful bake! So pretty!

    1. Thank you!! I actually just had green and blue food colouring, so I mixed them both to get a deep ‘aqua’ colour.. 🙂

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