Low-Fat Fruit Parfait

I literally have one day left before I attend my meet and greet grad orientation on Wednesday. Though I’ve started in the summer, I was the only one in my program who got an early enrolment into the program; I figured I’d get a head-start this summer, and it wasn’t such a bad idea. In fact, it was one of the best ideas. I got to meet some professors in my program, and get to know grad students finishing off their master’s for that year. It was very informative and one of the best decisions I’ve made. Anyway, time is clicking before the ‘back-to-school’ chaos is back on …meaning, lots of readings. I thought with just two summer courses that I was reading A LOT…but when I looked at my four courses, the reading is nearly tripled. I hope to continue to blog often after school begins again, so if you’ve noticed, I have been blogging a lot lately 🙂

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Again, I am still quite obsessed with vanilla greek yogurt. Actually, today was the first day I attempted to make my own fruit parfait. I figured a really good and filling way to make yogurt fruit parfait is to fill it up with fruits, a scoop of greek yogurt, and then more fruits. Actually…what I really did to keep track of my calories is that I took those individual fruit yogurts and I scooped it out into this parfait. That way, I was guaranteed the 90 calories. You can easily lose track of how much yogurt is added to the parfait when you are scooping it out of a huge jar. And, the best part is that instead of having that tiny little yogurt that doesn’t fill you up, you can add lots of fruits and a sprinkle of mixed granola and it’s very delicious and filling. 🙂

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