Sponge Cake with Greek Yogurt, Cherries and Chocolate

It’s quite a lazy September 1st–not to mention it’s also Sunday! I thought I would take my books and pre-read a little for next week’s classes, at a nearby Starbucks. But, it was packed. I fiddled around a bit, grabbed my grande medium roast coffee, and I headed back to where I came from. Coffee shops are always a neat idea in movies (classical music and homey mugs), never in reality. So, I just got home and prepared myself to physically and mentality stay in…to read…workout…OR make a light dessert instead. My Italian cooking class introduced me to sponge cake, and I have tried it before, but I never knew how easy it was to pair sponge cake with pretty much anything!

I am really into Oikos greek yogurt these days. They are delicious and healthy, and I usually have one after I workout. Eating healthy is really not that difficult, honestly, it is just what you teach yourself. Soon, bad habits really do go away. Mine are slowly drifting away because I am starting to realize the immensity of healthy food options available out there. And I am also really into gluten free food products. Like I said, it’s just getting used to…there really aren’t any secrets to eating better..though I am no preacher.

Anyway, I was feeling lazy from my bad judgment call of going out to read this morning, and on top of that, I was really craving chocolate….SO, I made this sponge cake dessert with a tablespoon of greek vanilla yogurt, teaspoon of pie cherries, and melted Hershey chocolate (you can omit the melted chocolate, if you want). It was REALLY delicious, and it took like 2 seconds to make. Seriously, there’s not much to it.

image copy 2 image copy 3

Now, I will relax a little, read a little, and workout a little.