Healthy Bean and Tuna Salad paired with Eggplant Dip

My friend was telling me this morning about some bean recipe that she recently got from her co-worker that sparked my interest to have bean for lunch! I find myself growing bored of my daily healthy food routine (eggs; salads; etc.) that I was eager to try something new (anything!). I really do love beans, in all colours and shapes, and I thought I’d try something that quick to make. I contemplated making a hearty bean stew for a second, but that was time-consuming for the amounts of work that I have to begin preparing for (pre-reading for school). So, I looked up some recipes and came across this tuna and bean salad.  And honestly, I have tried numerous food recipes of all kinds before where some recipes I won’t attempt again….but this, definitely. I also paired this salad with eggplant dip that I attempted to “artistically” decorate with my tomato ..not sure it worked 🙂

Who knew 2 tbs of eggplant dip was only 30 calories? 😀

Total time: 5 minutes


Lessons Learned: I didn’t really have dill to add or celery …but I added instead orange pepper, which gave a sweet taste to the salad, and some crushed mint. Try it too!

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