Summer Memories

I guess in a way this blog has evolved and become much more than just a food blog. Part of it is due to my interaction with other bloggers here; and the other part is what I read. I find much joy in what I read. Summer is definitely coming to an end, for all those blogs I’ve read that have contemplated summer or left the question open-ended. Regardless of it being 40 degrees with much sunshine to ripen a field full of wheat–summer is coming to an end because I had just purchased my textbooks for the fall term. Grad school is back, much sooner than I had expected. BUT, all’s fair in love and war, I had a good summer!

This picture is expressive of one of the many wonderful memories of this summer.


I am ready for the fall…for endless readings and fresh brewed coffee cups, dark as the night.



  1. Kaitlin says:

    Isn’t it neat how things change in ways we could never expect or predict? I too started off as a food blog, but found the relationships I’ve made with other bloggers has enabled me to expand it to so much more. Good luck at grad school!

    1. Thanks, Kaitlin! I started this blog just as a way to motivate myself to complete amounts of readings while getting that quick break to bake and blog about it. I am happy that it evolved to much more than that…connecting with other really interesting bloggers and sharing their stories, ideas, and wandering thoughts really adds to the experience. Your blog is one that I immensely enjoyed… thanks for stopping by mine šŸ™‚

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