Healthy Egg Benedict: Eggplant and Feta Cheese

It’s Friday and I am on my day six of healthy eating! I really feel good about it, so I will experiment making my favourite foods a little on the healthier side. I have began adopting the idea of a healthy lifestyle, giving in to indulges in moderation–I will update how that goes 🙂 In the meantime, here’s my great improvised healthy eggs benedict recipe without the bread!

Total cook time: 20 minutes

Recipe: I improvised on this recipe from many times of making eggs benedict. First, I chopped onions, tomato, and eggplant just enough for myself. I sprinkled salt, pepper, with a drop of lemon juice, a drop of mustard, a hint of olive oil and some fresh spices like oregano. I sautéed them a little. Then I topped off my vegetables with a little of feta cheese and my cooked eggs!

Sauce: I simply put a teaspoon of yogurt, drop of lemon and mustard, and a drop of hot sauce (thanks to Kouzounas Kitchen for the inspiration) and mixed them. I microwaved the sauce for less than 50 seconds (the quicker way) or you can put em on a pot and heat them with mustard powder instead.

Lessons Learned: Because no butter went into this recipe, my sauce was more mustardy than anything! I am not a big fan of mustard; though I only added drops of the mustard sauce onto my eggs, I still did not like the mustardy taste. You may add light butter to the sauce to make it more tasty and less mustardy.

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