Greek Inspired Stuffed Chicken with Feta Cheese

Hello 🙂

It feels so nice to post again! I began this blog with the intention of cooking my way out of grad school but seems like grad school cooked its way out of me…ha!
But, I did happily complete my first research paper and I’m halfway on to completing the second…feels great to get my feet a little wet before my official term starts in the fall..

It’s also great to blog again! I have decided to get a little healthy because typing away all day at my comfy grad lounge called for numerous Kit-Kat bars, red-bulls, and “hey, wanna go for dinner” phone calls. So, I am cutting down the calories and praying to god to make me skinny and make my friends fat 😛

I have tried this wonderfully Greek inspired chicken breast recipe…which I really loved. It was easy to make, and I had fun incorporating the fresh spices my mom picked out  from our garden, into the recipe. I added olives, feta cheese, tomato, fresh basil, oregano and mint, olive oil, and minced garlic.

Ps. One day I will visit Greece and I will devour the food and the culture…happily.

Total cook time: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Recipe was inspired by:

Lessons Learned: I wish I had left the feta cheese as cubes, instead of squishing them. And definitely less cooking time, because my chicken dried out a little..


If music be the food of love, play on. -William Shakespeare
If music be the food of love, play on.
-William Shakespeare