Classic Egg Benedict

It took me a while to master the classic Egg Benedict! It is a simplistic food that is quite  difficult to master. Eggs can be tricky, and sensitive, and finding the right balance between their poach time and firmness take lots and lots of…patience. You just need to heat the water until it is almost boiling, reduce the heat, slowly insert the eggs one at a time, then let them cook for about 5 minutes. I don’t like to make hollandaise sauce each time I make egg Benedict, because well, I eat this often. But when I do make it, it is Downton Abbey’s famous sauce. Anyone counting calories? Anyhow, I used Julia’s French bread recipe that I made (between giving my friend some, and my parents eating some, there’s a lot left) and now I am just ready for another article to read while I enjoy my breakfast (the perks of grad school). I am thinking of baking something today, as part of my food “break”, but what should I bake?

Hollandaise Sauce Recipe: