Julia Child’s “French White Bread”

I have the day off from school and I am just sitting here, reading and thinking about my beloved food blog (people’s encouragement in just two days!) I have decided to try Julia’s French white bread recipe, again, since I have the ingredients. But, who doesn’t love carbs anyway? I am also thinking to hit the treadmill while waiting for my dough to rise …three days of Julia’s authentic cooking could ultimately lead to trouble. God I wish we had “Fat-day freebies” in life, or actually a freebie that lasts a lifetime 🙂 anyhow, working out is good for the heart…yeah, yeah. So, I am thinking right after I am done annotating this “Universal Emotions” article, I will get started baking!

Total time to make: 2 hour and 15 minutes

Total cook time: 45 minutes

Recipe: http://www.food.com/recipe/julia-childs-white-bread-9032

Lessons learned: Julia Child was not kidding when she said: “Fat gives things flavour!”– because lots and lots of butter went into this recipe!

My Julia Child French bread is coming along beautifully. I think  mastering a bread recipe (a good one) is one of the biggest joys of cooking. Nothing smells better than bread ..and that joyous feeling doubles when I know I made it.

"You are the boss of that dough." Julia Child
“You are the boss of that dough.” Julia Child

Bread is glazed with butter and ready to rise!


IMG_9755 IMG_9753

Smells and tastes amazing!!!